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Wisdom Energy Saving dehumidifier



- Manufacturer's Standard: 12L / DAY (Room Temp 30℃, Humidity 80%)
- Dehumidifying Capacity: 6.5L / Day (Room Temp27℃, Humidity 60%)
- Dehumidifying ,Cloth Drying
- Continuous Drainage
- Air Purifying Function
- Auto Defrost Function
- Water Tank Full Indication
- Energy Efficiency Grade 2
- Voltage 220-240V

Smart Energy Saving

Due to global warming, environmental protection and energy saving are important to our lives, Athens has designed an energy-saving dehumidifier, to support an environmental.

Adjustable Timer

Up to 4,8 hours timer, convenient and easy to use

Water Tank Capacity

Water tank capacity is 2.3 liters.

360℃ Wheels Set

The wheels set underneath is easy to assemble, make it more convenient to move.


ModelAD-M128-T IEC
Rated Voltage220-240V / 50Hz
Power195W(26.7℃ RH60%)
Rated Current(A)1.0A(26.7℃ RH60%)
Daily Dehumidifying Capacity6.5L/D (26.7℃ RH60%), 12L/D (30℃ RH80%)
Refrigerant/ ChargeR134a/ 150g
Applicable Temperature5℃ - 32℃
Capacity Of Water Tank2.3L
Weight(kg)H510 x W295 x D230mm