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Gold Diamond Series

GS-228V IEC / GS-236V IEC


The "Gold Diamond Series" series which well known in elegant design and excellent functionality. The strongest smoke exhaustion and degreasing effect, together with easy detach and easy clean design which keep the machine durable and perform strong suction power. By combination the characters of aesthetic, functional and reliable, "Gold Diamond Series" is your inevitable choice.

- Enviornmental protection & "Easy Detach Easy Clean" design
- Large smoke shield with side shields and back plate
- Centrifugal dual blade design
- Perfect components combination for outstanding performance
- Premium material, firm & durable
- Auto current circuit switch
- Twin motor design (Max. 2500 R.P.M)
- New "Turbo" design
- LED soft light system

Product Specifications

Model:GS-228V IECGS-236V IEC
Coating(Stainless Steel)(Stainless Steel)
Dimension710mm(W) x 510mm(D) x 157mm(H)890mm(W) x 570mm(D) x 157mm(H)
Packing785mm(W) x 590mm(D) x 243mm(H)960mm(W) x 650mm(D) x 233mm(H)
Net Weight13.1kg15.4kg
Gross Weight15.8kg18.2kg
Exhaustion14.8m³/min (maximum)
Motor Watt120W x 2
MotorTwo Motor
Motor Speed Max. 2500 R.P.M.
Air Duct Diaø152mm
IlluminationLED 3W x 2