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Rose Series

Multi-Function Freestanding Steam and Grill Oven



- Model no.:ISO-996
- Net Weight : 17.8kg
- Gross Weight : 22.5kg
- Product Dimensions : 502mm(W) x 499mm(D) x 416mm(H)
- Packing size : 640mm (L) x 510mm (W) x 590mm (H)

Product Features

- The external water tank can easily add water at any time and place without affecting the normal operation of the steaming furnace
- 115℃ ultra high temperature steam cooking
- 250℃ high temperature roast cooking
- With a reservation cooking and time function, you can easily cook different foods and delicacies
- It is equipped with cooking, roasting, steaming, heat preservation, fermentation and thawing functions
- With a capacity of up to 40 liters, it can accommodate large vessels in multiple layers and cook a variety of dishes at the same time. It is convenient and practical and it is easy to save time
- Electrical contral panel for easy operation and stylish new style
- Set the hot air convection to make the food more evenly heated
- Automatically rotate the barbecue fork to heat evenly, the effect is more obvious
- Automatically cleaning function to remove odor from the furnace and soften oil stains for easy cleaning