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Royal Series

RS-898 IEC / RS-1100 IEC / RS-1200 IEC


- Twin motor design (Max. 3000 R.P.M. w/o Loading) wide-angle diffuser to enhance the vertical suction force
- 4 x 1W LED lights to provide extra brightness to kitchen
- Patent of Invention Design , the comprehensive function of "Easy-Detach Easy-Clean " design, provide 3 levels of variable speed, quickly remove grease
- Exhaust chamber and Non-stick grease, material of deodorize, 24cm of extra large aluminium alloy turbine fan blade
- Provide screen display, provide delay shutdown system to ensure a thorough cleaning
- Stainless steel design of the first seamless, equipped with a large storage grease container, beautiful and practical
- Twin motors in synchronous reverse design, strengthen the suction force
- Environmental protection & " Easy Detach Easy Clean" design

Product Specifications

Model: RS-898 IEC / RS-1100 IEC / RS-1200 IEC
CoatingStainless Steel
Dimension896 x 560x 145mm / 1060x 560x 145mm / 1210x 560x 145mm
Packing950x 260x 640mm / 1110x 260x 640mm / 1250x 260x 640mm
Net Weight19kg / 20.5kg / 22.3kg
Gross Weight23kg / 25kg / 27kg
Exhaustion16.6m³ / 17.8m³ / 18.6m³ min
Motor Watt105w x 2
Motor2 Motor
Motor Speeed (Non Loading)3000 R.P.M
Speed Extraction Force3 Speed
Air Duct Diaø6" / 152mm
Voltage220V / 50Hz
IlluminationLED 1w x 4