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Flurry Series

GH-260 IEC


- Enironmental friendly with easy detachable designed
- The centrifugal solitary type turbine fan blade, degreasing effect is remarkable
- The Dual-Current protection Circuit Switch is design to insure user's safety
- Provide 2 levels of variable speed ("fast" and "slow" mode), operated by electronic switch panel
- Built-in grease cup design, beautiful and practical
- 15W LED lights to provide brightness to kitchen

How to choose a range hood

1. The ideal thickness of range hood should be 6-7 inches, which provide enough space for storing exhaust and reduce the possibility of noise and backflow.
2. The structure of chassis should have enough depth which is essential for covering large range of smoke. The principle is just like the design concept of pavilion with triangular top
3. It is necessary to understand personal's cooking habits and kitchen's ventilation status first so as to purchase a suitable range hood

Product Specifications

Model:GH-260 IEC
CoatingStainless Steel
Machine Dimension590mm(W) x 515mm(D) x 160mm(H)
Packing Dimension642mm(W) x 573mm(D) x 215mm(H)
Net Weight8.2kg
Gross Weight9.2kg
Motor Watt90W x 1
MotorSingle Motor
Motor Speed ASK
Air Duct Diaø150mm